2018 Survey Results

MDH Survey (From the Desk of Cheryl Gustason, FCCC Administrator)

I want to thank All staff members for doing a great job with the Minnesota Department of Health Survey this year. I am so proud of all of you and the great care you give the residents!

The Survey Team entered Field Crest on 1/23/18 around 1:00 pm and they Exited the next day, 1/24/18 at 4:15 pm. I have been through many surveys and this is the shortest survey ever!!

The Surveyors had only 2 minor concerns:
– One Resident had facial hair, a dignity concern over the fact that the resident was completely dependent on staff for Activities of Daily Living.
– The 2nd step TB testing was not read on 2 new staff members. Another staff member started working before the 1st step was read.

The Surveyors interviewed 4 family members, stating that the family members had nothing but “good things” to say about Field Crest and our Staff.

I shared our great news about our awesome survey and the following are a couple of the responses:

Dr. Kirsch: Congratulations to all, Cheryl, that sounds wonderful. Look forward to hearing more!

Sarah Brown, Pharmacy Consultant, Sterling Drug: That’s amazing! What team did you have? I have several other facilities that have had some pretty rough surveys in the past few weeks, so this is really something to be proud of. Congrats!